Utility for creating a cell mapping file

Version 1

    For customers who use Calibre xRC and Cadence Virtuoso and want to create a calibreview (extracted view with devices and parasitics in maskLayout or schematic format). A cell-mapping file is a table that maps a Calibre device to a device symbol in the Cadence design kit. Foundries often release the cell-mapping file with their PDKs. But if this is not provided by the foundry, the CAD engineer needs to create this file.

    Creating Cell Mapping Files

    This is a Skill script can help to make the cell map creation much easier (dumpCellMap.il).  However, some editing will be required to have a comprehensive cell-mapping file. (NOTE : This is an unsupported script made available to our customers as a convenience.)

    In the Cadence CIW, type:


    tr_dumpCellMap("MYDEVICELIB" "./calview.cellmap")


    Review the output calview.cellmap, and make modifications as required.


    For more information about the cell mapping format, please see Calibre Interactive User’s Manual (calbr_inter_user.pdf), in Appendix A: Interface to Cadence Virtuoso.