How To: Backup The Embedded Database

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The VeSysPreMigrate tool within VeSys 2.0 provides users with a nice automated way to back up (through export) all of their project data and symbol libraries to XML files that they can store on disk and re-import directly back into VeSys 2.0 if needed. However, if there is an error during export of a project, that project will not be included in the backup.


Fortunately, becuase the embedded database is encapsulated within VeSys 2.0 it is a simple process to backup the entire contents of the database without having to go though the export process.


Located within your %VESYS_HOME% directory structure is a sub-directory called 'embeddeddata'. This directory contains the entire contents of the database and can be zipped up and moved, or just copied as a whole to another location. If you then have a problem in the future you can just drop this directory back into the %VESYS_HOME% directory, overwrite the contents when prompted and there you go, your database is now back in the exact state it was when you took the backup.



1. Stop the VeSys 2.0 windows services (Start Menu --> VeSys 2.0 %version% --> Services --> Stop VeSys 2.0 Manager & Database)

2. Locate %VESYS_HOME%\embeddeddata

3. Zip up or copy this directory to another location.


It would be a good idea to have a sheduled task set up to do this automatically on a regular basis, this way you can take regular backups without interrupting your flow.

You can set this up to go through the above steps and then restart the service afterwards.