Painful Testpoints in Expeditionpcb

Document created by yu.yanfeng on Aug 12, 2009
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In Expeditionpcb, Testpoint is a virtural part. But many Mentor's downtream tools don't respect the testpoints.


1 If a net having a tespoint added on the via,and you eliminated the via late, then the net will got broken after send the design to Hyplerynx.

2 If you add a testpoint on a net, you can't send the net from Expeditionpcb because icdb2ffs doesn't know how to interpret the testpoin

3 Gencad output repespect the testpoint and interpres testpoint as a device, but Fabmaster output doesn't respect the testpoin' padstacks, only it's location, so when .fab import to CAM tool ,much of nets with testpoint be broken.


I hope Mentor can recongized this problem and make downstream tools can respect the testpoints and deal with it properly. It's welcomed that Let user to set whether the testpoint be transfered to downstream tools or give up the virtual part, make testpoint as an attribute added on the via/pin.