Expedition DR/WA: Report Missing Cells

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The Purpose of these scripts is to highlight the Missing Cells reported in the PCB\LogFiles\ForwardAnnotation.txt file, in such a way as to bring their attention to the user. This "Kit" exists in the form of two vbscripts (RptMissingCellsIni.vbs, RptMissingCells.vbs) and one scripts.ini (file/entry). A user can manually execute the RptMissingCells.vbs script at anytime on an opened Expedition PCB. Using all three components of the kit will allow automatic execution after every Forward Annotation run in Expedition. To facilitate this, put all three files in your WDIR directory. If you are already using a scripts.ini file in your WDIR directory, add the lines in the provided scripts.ini file to your scripts.ini file.

If there are any reported Missing Cells, a MsgBox will appear stating how many missing cells were reported and your text editor will open the resulting "PCB\LogFiles\MissingCells.txt" file.

This "kit" is provided in lieu of Enhancement Request dts0100011817 which has been closed.


V2: Added check for "could not be found in the CellDB for" warning in ForwardAnnotate.txt.

V3: Fixed for 7.9.2 to accomodate Changes in Automation's Scripting.Globals