Expedition: Change Text Atttributes

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This script will aid users in changing text attributes (Font, Style, Height, PenWidth, Angle, Mirror) of selected or all texts (Assembly, Silkscreen and/or User Layer texts), on the board. GUI differences may include text font pulldown versus manual entry of the text font, depending on ability of the script to extract the system fonts from the registry. Be aware that if the pulldown gui is presented, some fonts may be called by another name not available in the registry and will not be accepted by Expedition.

Undo Enabled.


Version 4 Changes:

Changed the Font and Angle gadgets to Combo type = DropDown vs DropList. This will allow users to manually enter the data rather than limiting to pulldown selections. However, this combo type does not employ a sufficient change event to allow the script to properly check the condition of the Font and Angle entry in order to enable the "Change" button correctly when text is manually entered. You may need to enable the "Change" button by toggling another change option on and off.


Version 6 Changes:

Fixed problem with Generic Texts not being changed.




For Fonts not found in the registry, you can add the font name to the menu pulldown using Expedition's IDE, following the illustration below. There is no error checking so you must ensure viability of this font.




Version 7 Changes:

Added MGC Fonts (SDD_HOME\standard\config\pcb) to the Registration fonts found,