Expedition/FablinkXE/BSXE DR/WA: XE Neutral File - Fix Side 2 Component Rotations

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This kit provides a workaround to the problem reported in DR# dts0100640158 - "FabLink XE Pro-Expedition XE Neutral File output rotations for bottom side components does not match standard."

The main purpose is to modify the Neutral File, generated by Expedition's Output->Neutral File command, by correcting the rotation of components on the bottom side of the board. The kit provides a "script.ini" file that executes the "NeutralFile.vbs" script on document open. This script will disable the "Neutral File" command and insert a new command "*NeutralFile..." as shown below. This new command will execute a wrapper function that essentially executes the original command, followed up by the edit function. In this manner, the user doesn't have to remember to execute a separate script to fix the Neutral File. The script will acquire and release the required license (Fablink XE Pro) - as necessary - and contains a working example of attaching subroutines to a Dialog's Events. Put both files in your WDIR directory. If you are currently using a scripts.ini file in your WDIR directory add the contents of the supplied scripts.ini file to yours.


Updated Version (2) (1/18/2010): Fixed problem with Unplaced Components in the Neutral File.

Updated Version (3) (1/19/2010): Added Stand Alone Version (FixXENeutralFile.vbs) - Desktop Executable.

Updated Version (4) 5/19/2010: Satoru-san has graciously modified a copy of NeutralFile.vbs to work in BSXE. The FixNeutralFile.zip file now contains 2 zips, one for the original(Expedition Kit and standalone FixXENeutralFile.vbs) and now a kit for BSXE.