Expedition DR/WA: Unlock Shape

Version 6

    This script unlocks Conductive Areas that somehow become locked and cannot be unlocked and edited via interactive means. Seems to be appearing in 2007.8. This problem is reported as Defect:dts0100645904 - Conductive shape on layer 1 that is both fixed and locked. Cannot be removed at all.

    Since it is unknown why conductive shapes are inexplicably getting a fixed/locked attribute - new functionalities (RF, Groups, Bondpads/wires etc, may be doing this) - the script requires the user to select the conductive shape(s) prior to executing the script rather than acting on all conductive shapes in the design. It will unlock only selected conductive shapes.


    Version 2: Fixed problem with EE7.9 that caused script to end when trying to change a conductive shape that is in Hazard.

    Version 3: Enhanced script to forcibly delete selected shapes.