Expedition: Align Text

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This script (AlignText.efm) will align selected Fabrication & UserLayer texts per the formats shown in the button icons. Selecting a format will change the "X :" to a "Y :" or visa versa, depending on whether alignment will be to the same X (Horizontal Justification) or same Y (Vertical Justification) of all the selected text. Users can manually enter an X or Y Coordinate value in the numeric entry box, or enter a mousedown in the layout. However, the numeric entry should be preceeded by a Format selection because a Format selection may clear the numeric entry value if the new selection's justification (Horizontal X) differs from the previous (Vertical Y). If text is previously selected when attempting to define the numeric entry wth a mousedown, the coordinate of the closest selected text (it's text origin) is captured (this is signified by the Move Cursor). If you wish to enter a mousedown location other than those selected texts location, before selecting the texts, execute a mousedown at the location you wish to enter into the numeric entry box.