DXF Export Test examples

Version 1

    Simple DXF Export Test examples - One closed polyline, with ARCS, and Justified Text


    ClosedRounded.dxf              : export from PADS Layout, Std mode.

    ClosedRounded_Flat.dxf         : export from PADS Layout, Flat mode.


    ClosedRounded_A9CAD.dxf        : Above, loaded/saved in A9CAD

    ClosedRounded_Flat_A9CAD.dxf   : Above, loaded/saved in A9CAD.


    ClosedRounded_DC.dxf           : Above, loaded/saved in DoubleCAD

    ClosedRounded_Flat_DC.dxf      : Above, loaded/saved in DoubleCAD