Expedition Cell Editor DR/WA: Draw Mode Supplement

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This kit will maintain the Draw Mode settings pertaining to the Snap Grid On/Off, Snap Grid Value, Angle Lock On/Off, and Active Radius On/Off commands. This is provided in lieu of ER dts0100008163 - Drawing Grid in Editor Control not saved on per-cell basis.

The issue is that these Draw Mode settings are not saved and are reset to a fixed default state whenever Draw Mode is entered.

This Kit does not address the per-cell basis request but will preserve the last settings made by the Cell Editor in these regards, resetting these items upon return to Draw Mode, and upon opening subsequent cells during new or same sessions.

This kit can be incorporated into your flow by installing the included "scripts.ini" file in your WDIR directory, installing the included "DrawModeSupplement.vbs" to a location other than the WDIR directory and modifying its path in the scripts.ini file accordingly. If you're currently using a scripts.ini file, add the lines from the included scripts.ini file to yours.

Additionally, you can execute the same script into Expedition by adding the following lines:

     [Expedition PCB - Document]


Settings are saved per the Application's Config directory location. Hence, the settings can be saved and reset to/from one of three different Config locations as defined by a Library Manager-Cell Editor session or Expedition Design - Cell Editor session, or Expedition Design session if used.