Expedition PCB DR/WA : Delete all unused padstacks in the design.

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This script deletes all unused Padstacks in the design.  This script is provided in lieu of DR 148533 -"Description: Using the Forward Annotation option 'Delete Local Library data; then rebuild all local library data' does not delete the unused Padstack data".


Download the attached script and drag and drop this script onto the Expedition design.  A logfile will be generated showing which Padstacks have been deleted and which remained due to errors.




  1. If a padstack is not placed in the design but used in a local cell (unused cell), then that padstack is not deleted unless that unused cell is deleted first.  This is why it could be necessary to first run Forward Annotation with "Delete local data and rebuild...." option first to remove all unused Parts and Cells before running this script.
  2. If a padstack is used in Setup_Parameters/NetClasses/CES but is not placed in the design, then that padstack is not deleted, unless it is removed from NetClasses/CES-->Via Assigment tab OR from Allowed via list in Setup Parameters dialog. 


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