Version 1

        I use a basic scripts in powerlogic to generate the BOM for my designs, the scripts works well in PADS2005 and PADS2007.

    But when I update my pads to 9.0,It have a trouble with chinese fonts.


        Normally,the components have a "Description" field,and I will use chinese fonts to fill this field. in powerlogic it display very

    well.but when I use the scripts to export this field,the content with chinese fonts will display in strange symbol.


        So I test "PADS logic Scripts Wizard" bring your own with PADS, the Description field also have strange symbol in exported

    files,what ever those files in TXT or EXCEL format.


        I think this bug will also been happend in other non-english countrys. Today I update my pads to 9.1,and the bug also exist.


        I use this function to get the components attributes.


              Function AttrValue (comp As Object, atrName As String) As String

                   If comp.Attributes(atrName) Is Nothing Then
                          AttrValue = ""
                          AttrValue =comp.Attributes(atrName).Value

                    End If
              End Function


    Sorry for my english!


    Best regards