Expedition PCB : Report Net Layer Length

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RptNetLayerLength.vbs reports each Net's routed length per (layer) as well as the net's total routed length along with the number of vias used by the net per (via range). It also reports number of unconnected pins vs total number of pins per net and any Open Netlines in the net. It writes the file "NetLayerLengths.txt" to the pcb directory's LogFiles container and is accessible by Expedition's FileViewer. The script only considers traces and disregards Conductive and Plane Shapes and Pin Package Lengths. It is already known at this posting that total net Lengths may not always match CES's Actual Lengths exactly for a variety of reasons (I.E. Pin Package Lengths, Rounding). You're welcome to post any reasons you may find for your particular case. The last line of the file reports the total routed traces length of the board.