Interfacing with the Valor Land Pattern Wizard (a.k.a. PCB Matrix LP Wizard)

Document created by joe_krolla on Oct 21, 2010
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Author (required): Joe Krolla    


Platform/Format: Windows


Use case description (required)

Previous versions of LP Wizard generated unencrypted HKP data and required a license to encrypt before importing into the library.

With the latest versions (LP Wizard 10.1.1 and higher) the encryption is built into LP Wizard. So you do not need a DataConvert license any more for this application.

You will find the latest releases here on SupportNet


In upcoming releases we will implement other means to communicate between LP Wizard and Expedition, eliminating the need for HKP completely.


If you are still on an older version, please make sure you work with your support or sales representative for an upgrade, also making sure your LP Wizard is staying up to date with the latest Expedition release as well.