Expedition PCB: Put Component Property Text

Document created by al_layson on Dec 8, 2010
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The vbscript "PutPropTextModule.vbs" contains functionality to intercept the placement event and change all text holders in the component's cell containing a "^" in the first character to the value of the component property specified by the rest of the string. I.E. the text containing "^Value" will be replaced with the value of the component's "Value" property, ie "400KOhm". The cell must be predefined with these text objects and may reside on User Layers, Conductor Layers and or Fabrication layers. The script does not concern itself with text attributes such as font, size or style. It simply replaces the "^****" string with the property value. Hence, create the textholder on the desired layer and with the desired attributes.

To use this kit, put the attached "scripts.ini" file in your WDIR directory or add its contents to your existing scripts.ini file. In either case ensure it correctly points to the PutPropTextModule.vbs file. When a document is opened in Expedition, the script will be loaded and remain in memory until the Expedition Session is exited. When a component is placed using the "Place Parts and Cells" dialog, the script will be executed and the component being placed will be searched for all texts containing the "^" as the first character in its string, and replace it with the value of the specified property name.