Cell Editor : Place pins on a radius (Radiater)

Document created by al_layson on Dec 9, 2010Last modified by al_layson on Dec 10, 2010
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The radiater.efm script will aid the user in placing cell pins on a radius (Radius) around a specified center (CenterX & CenterY). This requires the pin numbers be in their initialized "numeric" state. The angle increment to the next pin to place is given in the (Angle Increment) edit box, wherein the default is entered as the result of formula "360/Number of Pins". The next pin is either (Counter-Clockwise) or (Clockwise) from the current/last pin placed. The Angle Offset is used to specify where the (Starting Pin) is located where 0 angle - mathematically - is directly to the right of center. An Angle Offset of "90" would locate the starting pin directly above center. The script will search for the starting pin number (which must be numeric) and either place or move it to the starting location. The next pin to be placed is the current pin number + the pin number increment and place it on the same radius, an Angle Increment away from the last/current pin. The rest of the parameters are self-explanatory.


It is difficult to accomodate every variation possible but you're free to modify the script per your requirements.


NOTE: I've found that sometimes executing undo after the script runs, sometimes renders the cell's pin count incorrect and this will require you to close and reopen the cell so that the cell can restablish its own pin count. Rather than undoing first, try just running the script again.