PDBDumpPartProps.vbs ; Script to extract Partition Data; Symbol; Part Number; other properties

Version 1

    This script will create a set files from the Expedition Central Library which are suitable for creating database tables for usage with DxDataBook.  Anyone transitioning from

    DC/Expedition to DxDesigner/Expedition will find this script useful.  It accounts for fractures/alternate schematic symbols.  The write activities to the CSV and the

    Excel spreadsheets have been compartmentalized into subroutines to make it easier to remove the file format output functions which are not desired.


    The CSV file actually uses the colon, ":", as the field delineator due to the fact that, when multiple symbols exist for a part, the Symbol "list" in the symbol field is

    comma separated.


    It uses the PartsEditorDlg object.


    Additionally, can be used as an example of how to write to Excel.