Cell Editor: Place Pins By CSV

Version 5

    The PlacePinsByCSV script will place pins in an opened cell in the cell editor from an input .csv (comma delimited) file of the following row/col format:

         PIN #,Padstack Name,X,Y,Rotation,Side

    This will place or move pins currently defined in the cell. It will also add pins not currently defined in the cell. This will result in a save prompt asking you if you wish to save the cell with the new number of pins.



    1) No Duplicate pins allowed.

    2) Save the Cell prior to execution - This is because automation has an adverse effect on UNDO in this case. If you need to execute an Undo after the script execution, you will need to close the cell without saving, even though the results of the undo command will undo the pin placements. Else, if you re-execute the script, the pins can't be found. This is an automation quirk.

    3) Ignores lines with "!" as first character of string in the first column


    You can easily modify the read format if you wish to use a different column sequence by modifying the function uReadPinLocs (see GetWordFromString - column number starts at 0)