Cell Editor: Export all package cells info from Central Library into a .csv file format

Document created by Nadia_Ahmad on Mar 24, 2011
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PackageCellsReport.vbs : This script generate a report on package cells from the Central Library in a .csv format.


Instructions to run the script:

1)     Download the script and rename the extension to .vbs

2)     Try it on the copy of the Library first.
3)     Bring up a command prompt and change into the directory where you downloaded the script.
4)     Now run the script as follows to create a report for all Package Cells in the Library.


        mgcscript PackageCellsReport.vbs


5)     Enter the complete path to the library and also the .lmc file name.  For example, C:\temp \libraries\master-DXD\master-DXD.lmc on the prompt to enter the library.
6)     It will create a .cvs file at the same location where the .lmc file exists.  If you have the MS Excel loaded, the report will open up at the end.


This is only an example script.  Use can use this as a template and enhance it further.  Please read the cautionary note (disclaimer) at the top of the script when opened in a text editor.