How do I delete all the Mentor example components from the Components Library?

Version 1

    I'm trying to create a clean component library which contains only our company components and suppliers. I have deleted the bulk of the components by the laborious process of setting each one to obsolete (you can't bulk set a whole swathe of them - or even 2), then going to component deletion. However, many components ie connectors are associated with other components and still show usage when the parent part hasn't been deleted. So you may have to do a double sweep to clear out obsolete components, followed by associated obsolete connectors and other elements.

    I am now down to a core of parts which refuse to be deleted and I'd like to know how to clear these out? Until we do, there are also suppliers and customers who we don't deal with and therefore don't want in this database.


    This is the list of components which I cannot delete.


    C-70718ConnectorGRAY PVCCONNSPVCEach60.
    C-70719ConnectorGRAY PVCCONNSPVCEach60.
    C-71332Connector2 WAY YELLOWCONFYPVCEach20.
    C-71483Connector3 WAY BLUECONFUPVCEach30.
    CP-6322Cavity PlugCAVITY PLUGPLUGSPVCEach00.
    CP-58356Cavity PlugCAVITY PLUGPLUGRPVCEach00.
    CP-58371Cavity PlugCAVITY PLUGPLUGWPVCEach00.
    CS-6300Cavity SealCAVITY SEALCVSLBPVCEach00.
    CS-6311Cavity SealCAVITY SEALCVSLRPVCEach00.
    CS-6320Cavity SealCAVITY SEALCVSLYPVCEach00.
    L-478GOtherGreen Identity LabelILGPVCEach00.
    SW-51021-KWireWIREWIREKTWCPer Length00.


    I haven't loaded any of the Mentor Quick Start libraries or project to ensure that component usages are not generated.


    Was there an easier way to create a vanilla components library?


    I am now concerned that because there doesn't seem to be an easy way to ensure a clean separation between training data and our company data, I won't be able to access any of the Quick start examples.