hampered Layoutsystem Expedition 7.9.1

Version 1

    A list of daly trouble to work with EE7.9.1


    As if my Job Isn’t Hard Enough ,

    the Layoutsystem is thinking different and

    doesn,t help me with my hard job,

    Far from it - is hampered and give me

    more work




    The new display of Comps with move Comps

    is a big handicapp you see nothing only the Ref Text.


    If you like to move a 2 pin Comp with routing a little bit.

    System says - A large number of traces need to be shoved

    do you want them ripped up if you say yes - nothing is moved

    Sometimes is moved but the traces on other layer or traces deleted.


    The new feature of Padentry makes artistik creations,

    and this is a lot of pain to do the right Design for Manufacturing Fanout.


    The new Diff_pair Fanout does the right Viafanout if you like to move

    this via it isn,t possible or it moves twice, you have to do this manually with Alt-Bottom


    The new Movement of trace makes rectangular trombones

    It is a sculptural work to bring it back to a 45 degrees trombone.

    (most of the time you can,t use Gloss to bring it back)


    The new gloss command has a self-dependent work

    There is no different between Gloss on and Local if you have no

    Push & shove options on.

    If you take a option on - it isn,t work after a time it does and if

    you take off there is always work - ex. traces jumping with option off


    The planeprocess:

        If you have Planelayer with a lot of different Net and you want change

        the layers of Plane you have a lot of work to do this

        because the Netlist in the Planeprocess isn,t changed automatically.


        If you have Schematicchanges and the Netlist is changed

        you doesn,t see Guides from the Planelayer .


        If you like to see the Planeassignment of a single Plane alway see "Inherit"

        it doesn,t help for work


        Inherit is not every time Inherit sometimes on Dynamic the inherit is Draft(not uptodate).


        If you paste planes from Layoutclipboard some Net in the Design

        are hidden only changing the Layerusage from single to plane and

        back helps to bring the hidden Guides back.


        A locked planeshape you can unlock but if you go back it is locked again

        it has to be deselected ( unselect - select)


        Some Guides are permanent visible even though the plane is completly Routed

        On big designs it takes some time after the dynamic Process is updated the Guides

        if it is still a Guide you have to route the fanout new.


    Sometimes after Forwardannotation all Guides are gone complete

    (SR2385833642,DR00755310)Workaround is exit and open again




    Impossible to open a second DX Designer Projekt

    (workaround is to open the DXdesigner localy than choose Projekt)



    sometimes the ESC Botton doesn,t work in Plowmode

    because of opened scriptfiles in backround that you does befor.

    (workaround is exit and open again)



    Technologie changes not online saved

    If you change the Layerstackup you have to save the Layoutdatabase

    befor the commondatabase is up to date

    If you add a via from Lib the via isn,t available in CES

    first do a workaround then you can work.see SR ................................................