Advanced Library Editor - v3.2 Beta

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Advanced Library Editor (ALE) is a utility written by the Mentor Customer Migration Team.  It is helpful for bulk modifying of DxDesigner/Expedition libraries, usually when translating from other systems.


New Link:

Advanced Library Editor


ALE 3.2 Beta:

     New Features:


      • New Modify Symbol Properties dialog
        • Now has the ability to do multiple modifications at once
        • Time Machine - Allows for symbol time/datestamp to be modified to any given time.
        • Ability to promote non-common properties to common properties.
        • Can now handle adding and modifying pin properties


      • Renamed Add Alternate Cell to "Add Cell(s)"
        • Added ability to swap cell information. If a <T> is found in the input file, that cell will be defined as the top cell and the current top cell will be moved to an alternate. If a <B> is found, that cell will be defined as a bottom and the current bottom will be moved to an alternate.
      • Renamed Add Alternate Symbol to "Add Symbol(s)"
      • Copy One to Many: Provides the ability to copy one part number mapping to many part number mappings.
      • Modified all dialogs to follow the more modern style introduced in ALE v3.1



      • Enabled the cells pull down so that cell modifications can be made again. Note that most of these dialogs have not been modified to the modern style introduced in ALE v3.1. This reason is the only reason v3.2 is still a Beta version.


      • Enabled Batch Padstack Editor - This has been enhacned with better reporting capabilities of things that changed during auto naming of holes and pads.
        • Added the ability to change units of holes and pads during auto naming
      • Added a log file viewer to ALE. This is now the default method of opening any of ALE's log files.
      • Disabled "Compress LMC for DMS" while it is overhauled to a more modern style.

     Bug Fix:

    • Flow bug fixes.



For any problems or enhancement requests, please contact Scott Williams at and Jeremy Parker


Always remember to back up your library or design before running any Automation script..


Requires Microsoft .Net Framework