DxDesigner: Select multiple net segments and edit(add or change) the net names in turn

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This script is to save time to edit multiple net names in DxDesigner schematic sheet.

DxDesigner does not provide the function to walk through selected nets to edit net name, and the user should repeat selecting a segment by mouse, and then type-in net name by key-in.


With several nets selected(one segment per net), running this script will bring up a window that walks through each net segment, user can identify which net will be changed by automatical zoom-fit and enter net names one by one


Instruction to run the script:

1) Download, decompress the attached zip into proper folder

2) Edit line 33 of NameMultipleNetsWrapper.vbs to have correct path of NameMultipleNets.efm

3) Open a schematic sheet in DxDesigner, and select one or more nets (single segment per net)

4) Enter 'run <downloaded_path>\NameMultipleNetsWrapper.vbs' into key-in command window



5) A script form window(Name Multiple Nets) will open to walk through each net segment(automatically zoom fit the target segment), and will wait for input.
  Note1: The script form will not open if no net is selected or multiple segments per net are selected
  Note2: The script form may hide behind DxDesigner window if invoked by key-in command. Adding a custom menu on commandbar is recommanded to avoid this.



6) Enter key or 'OK' button will set net name, and 'SKIP' button will move to the next net segment. 'FIT VIEW' button can be used to locate the segment in DxDesigner window again.


Comments & Limitations:

. The order to walk through is vertical line - upper segment - left segment first
. If the net, the target segment belongs to, has already given a net name, 'NET NAME' textbox will show the net name by default
. The text will rotate by 90 degree when added to vertical line
. Net name text will be added to center of the segment, or prompted to move the text to selected segment or not, or just be changed depending on the situation
. Net name cannot be removed by this script since DxDesigner Automation does not provide method to delete net name(label)


Please don't forget to backup your design before testing any Automation scripts.

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