Expedition PCB : Make Pads

Version 4

    The MakePads.efm script creates filled draw objects of Pads on a specified conductive layer on a specified user layer. The purpose is to provide a user layer containing conductive layer pads excluding teardrops (Expedition's Mask Generator includes teardrops with the Part Pads and Via Pads options). This user layer is then used in the Mask Generator, selecting the user layer rather than the Part/Via Pads options, to make a mask using the Grow / Shrink options, for soldermask purposes. The resulting user layer can also be used with the IDFCondMaskGen.efm script (http://communities.mentor.com/docs/DOC-2607) to generate an IDF file.


    Version 2: Fixed problem with specified pad types that are also used in normal padstacks (other than type specified).