Design Architect example of searching catalog property info from active sheet

Version 2

    #Warning! This is an unsupported script and should be used with caution !!!.

    #Ver 1.0 Mentor Graphics Finland, Timo Kyyronen 20.10.2011


    untar the package to /tmp

    export AMPLE_PATH=/tmp/tky_status_check_sheet

    invoke da_lms

    open  a schematic sheet

    in active schematic type mgfi_create_status_sheet_info_file()


    a notepad is opened

    place cursor to notepad's text line

    press the function key F9, the instance handle in the sheet is selected (F12 pop ups between windows)


    see uims/ptxt_area.ample: how to make F9 to isolate a string from text line