Cell Editor: Example on assigning Cell Pin Text to pins

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NAME: CellPinText.vbs
' Description: 
'       This script provides an example on how to assign the pin text property on the pins of a particular cell using automation.
'       On line 59, provide the Cell Partition which contains the cell.
'       On line 63, provide the cell name whose pins need to have the pin text property assigned.  
'       This script assigns the pin text in this sequence "Pin Text 1", "Pin Text 2", "Pin Text 3".... on pin1, pin2, pin3 subsequently.
'       This script assigns the pin text property on the Mount Assembly Layer as a user-defined text. 
' AUTHOR: Modified by Nadia Ahmad, Mentor Graphics
' DATE  : 10/12/2011
' DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTY:  Unless otherwise agreed in writing,
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' damage, personal injury, loss of profits, interruption of business, or for
' any other special, consequential or incidental damages, however caused,
' whether for breach of warranty, contract, tort (including negligence),
' strict liability or otherwise. In no event shall Mentor Graphics'
' liability exceed the amount paid for the product giving rise to the claim.



Try this script on the copy of the Library first or on a temp or dummy library.


Instructions to run the script are as follows:



  1. 1)   Download the script and rename the extension to .vbs

  2. 2)   Bring up a command prompt and change into the directory where the script is located.

  3. 3)   Run the script as follows from the command prompt…

    mgcscript CellPinText.vbs

  4. 4)   A message box will appear to input the complete path of the library including the .lmc file

  5. 5)   Then the script will find the partition and cell defined in the line 59 and 63 and assign the pin text property as “Pin Text 1”, “Pin Text 2”, “Pin Text 3”…. to Pin1, Pin2, Pin3 subsequently.

This is just an example script and shows an example where a user-defined cell pin text can be added to a cell's pin in Central Library.  Ultimately, this script can be modified by the user to accommodate any further enhancements, e.g. letting user enter which partition or cell to assign cell pin text on OR reading input data of cell pin text from a file, etc.