Types of Licenses

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Mentor Graphics supports two basic types authorization codes (licenses) that support a variety of contract models and configurations.


Mobile Compute authorization codes can be locked to a hardware key (dongle) or Ethernet address and do not require a license server as they are "uncounted". You simply point the applications to the plain text license file using an environment variable. The applications read the license file upon invocation and determine if you are authorized to run.


Note: Mobile Compute licenses are disabled in Remote Desktop sessions, as are USB dongles. Use floating licenses for Remote Desktop sessions.


Example of a Mobile Compute authorization code:


INCREMENT msimpevcom mgcld 2012.120 20-mar-2013 0 5803F1652ED732F69572 \

    VENDOR_STRING=38061DE1 HOSTID=FLEXID=9-a619e532 SN=9898968 SIGN2="1F72 6B7A \

    C2FF 1777 8DBC B3FF 5C88 D64A B21A A4CB 3EA4 5C70 4D01 19AF 8187 0B56 \

    2C9C 3C5E BC59 F5EA BCDC 6FC0 642A 6E56 9FAC 42A6 FABE 5FCC 39E7 C1CC"


Floating license can be used by any computer on your network. Because floating licenses are "counted", you must run a license server. A Unix hostid, Ethernet address or a hardware key can be used as the server id for your floating licenses. Applications are directed to the license server  using an environment variable and make requests for license features upon invocation. Because the applications periodically check with the license server within the application's session to determine if they are still licensed, the use of floating licenses requires a persistent network connection with the license server.


Example of a floating authorization code:


SERVER put_server_name_here 016E47093DBB 1717
mgcld path_to_mgcld
INCREMENT blzshell mgcld 2012.120 20-mar-2013 1 AF3E21750551F8EBDD80 \
     VENDOR_STRING=5ED6BC09 SN=9898977 SIGN2="1EA7 4E1D \
     FB97 D3EE 8275 71E2 6925 5584 5A96 92FF CB3F 3B62 3169 A9EF 8C84 03A9 \
     4A28 287E 35ED 8EF1 E021 539C D0B7 BEDA 572A 5C99 3B87 5A25 BB98 1F9C"



Please refer to Anatomy of a License File for more information on the various fields in a license file.



There is a third, less common type of license called Nodelocked-counted that functions much the same as Floating in that you must run a license server. However, unlike a Floating license that can be used by any host on your network, Nodelocked-counted licenses can only be checked out by one specific machine. This is controlled with a HOSTID field in the INCREMENT line, just like with a Mobile Compute license. You might call Nodelocked-counted a hybrid of Mobile Compute and Floating.


Example of a Nodelocked-counted authorization code:


SERVER put_server_name_here 0024E8477136 1717
DAEMON mgcld path_to_mgcld
INCREMENT armsptarmeabi mgcld 2013.120 16-dec-2013 1 9ED3261677742A84B49D \
    VENDOR_STRING=259CD3E2 HOSTID=0024e8477136 SN=42049388 SIGN2="0276 \
    9247 47DE 268C 290A ACB7 7351 D49A 8CB1 019C 64B4 0074 17B2 4442 7346 \
    1659 A6F3 6B71 D646 36DD 4504 A7A6 6D82 D6F0 BC0D 2170 B266 878B 17B4 \