Clipped first license (INCREMENT) line

Version 1

    While  editing the path to the vendor daemon in the DAEMON line, it's  common  to clip the first character of the first INCREMENT line. This  will  cause an error like this in the license server debug log file:


    18:44:34 (lmgrd) The license server manager has found no vendor daemons to start
    18:44:34 (lmgrd)  (There are no VENDOR (or DAEMON) lines in the license file),
    lmgrd exiting.
    (Invalid license file syntax.
    License text:  mgcld
    License path:  C:\license_files\license.dat
    FLEXnet Licensing error:-2,399
    For further information, refer to the FLEXnet Licensing End User Guide,
    available at "".)


    Go  to the license file and ensure that the first INCREMENT line isn't   missing the "I". One typo on this first line causes the parsing of the   entire license file to fail.