How to install the PADS Flow software (video)

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Installation Documentation:

A complete walkthrough of the PADS Flow installation can be found in the Managing Mentor Graphics Systems Software manual, in the release_documents folder in the download.


Take a tour of the installation program:

(The following images are links to movies in Windows Media Video/WMV format)


  • Typical install flow (current license detected; using default installation options)




  • Custom install flow


Part 1 (Starting installation; setting up licensing):




Part 2 (Modifying products to install, and target/PADS Projects directory locations)





Key highlights of the re-designed PADS Flow installation:


  • A typical install* has the user click-through fewer dialogs (as few as 5).


* A current license is available on the computer, and the default installation targets are suitable.



  • Improved license install:


  • Hardware key drivers are prompted for  installation during the Mobile Compute (Node-locked) license install,  but only if the installation detects they may be needed.


  • Mobile Compute (Node-locked) installation now ignores the Network/Floating licenses (these would cause a delay on invocation).


  • Default license file location is now "C:\MentorGraphics\license_files\license.txt"


  • More feedback when there is a potential problem (old version date in license file for example).


  • Help is available on almost every dialog, via the "Help" button. This provides instant access to the installation guide.


  • New bundle installation:


  • No longer is it a requirement to unzip  the PADS Flow download before installing (although it does run faster  when unzipped). The PADS Flow installation is now a single (bundle)  executable, named "PADS<version>_mib.exe" where mib = Mentor  Install Bundle.


Note: Windows 7 and Vista users with User  Account Control (UAC) turned on may see delays with the UAC prompt  appearing. Refer to PADS Flow installation is very slow to start for more details and workarounds.