Which PADS Flow release am I entitled to use?

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Mobile Compute licenses (a.k.a. "Nodelocked uncounted")

If an existing license file works for a prior PADS release, whether or not it will work for the most recent release depends on the version date of the licenses. Check the version date in the license file (see example below), and refer to the PADS release to license version table further below, to to see if it meets the minimum version date required for the newer PADS release. An example of a nodelocked uncounted license with a version date of 2013.060 is listed below. The 2013.060 indicates a support contract ending in June-2013.



Network/Floating licenses


The version requirement is the same as the Mobile Compute section above, except the license file is served by the License server (typically there is no license file on the client machine).

In addition, the License server must be running a minimum version of the lmgrd (FLEXlm) and mgcld (Mentor Graphics) daemons. Refer to How and when to upgrade the license server for PADS Flow applications for a mapping of the required lmgrd/mgcld versions, for each PADS release. For instructions on how to query the version of the lmgrd and mgcld that is running on the License server using the Mentor License Utility, refer to Using the Mentor License Utility to query and edit the licensing environment.



PADS release to license version table



PADS ReleaseProduct AreaMinimum Version Requirement
PADS VX.2.6Designer/PADS products2019.08*
PADS VX.2.5Designer/PADS products2019.02
PADS VX.2.4DxDesigner/PADS products2018.08
PADS VX.2.3DxDesigner/PADS products2018.02
PADS VX.2.2DxDesigner/PADS products2017.05
PADS VX.2.1DxDesigner/PADS products2016.11
PADS VX.2DxDesigner/PADS products2016.05
PADS VX.1.2DxDesigner/PADS products2015.11
PADS VX.1.1DxDesigner/PADS products2015.02
PADS VX.1DxDesigner/PADS products2014.08
PADS VX.0DxDesigner/PADS products2014.02
PADS9.5DxDesigner/PADS products2012.06
PADS9.4.1DxDesigner/PADS products2011.11
PADS9.3.1DxDesigner/PADS products2011.05
PADS9.3PADS Layout/Logic/Router2010.12
PADS9.3DxDesigner/Hyperlynx Analog2010.03
PADS9.2PADS Layout/Logic/Router2010.05
PADS9.2DxDesigner/Hyperlynx Analog2010.03
PADS9.1DxDesigner/PADS products2009.11
PADS9.0.2DxDesigner/PADS products2009.08
PADS9.0.1PADS Layout/Logic/Router2009.04
PADS9.0.1DxDesigner/Hyperlynx Analog2009.05
PADS9.0PADS Layout/Logic/Router2009.04
PADS9.0DxDesigner/Hyperlynx Analog2009.02
PADS2007.4PADS Layout/Logic/Router2008.08
PADS2007.3PADS Layout/Logic/Router2008.06
PADS2007.2PADS Layout/Logic/Router2007.06
PADS2007.1PADS Layout/Logic/Router2007.06
PADS2007PADS Layout/Logic/Router2006.09
PADS2005 SPac2/SPac3PADS Layout/Logic/Router2005.09
PADS2005 SPac1PADS Layout/Logic/Router2005.04
PADS2005PADS Layout/Logic/Router2004.12
PADS2004 SPac2PADS Layout/Logic/Router2004.09
PADS2004 SPac1PADS Layout/Logic/Router2004.06
PADS2004PADS Layout/Logic/Router2004.01



*NOTE: 2019.02 represents a support contract expiring in August-2019.