Using the Mentor License Utility to query and edit the licensing environment (video)

Version 9




    The Mentor License Utility can be used for quick and easy editing of the licensing environment on a Windows machine. Some of the functions include:


    • Environment variables and registries are presented in a tree view format
    • Right click on any tree view entry (variable name or license file/port@host) to view available options
    • Double-click on a license file path to open in Notepad
    • Double-click on a port@host value to view a status inquiry
    • ....and many more functions!

    To run the Mentor License Utility:


    1. Download the "Lite" version* of the Mentor_License_Utility
    2. Unzip the
    3. Run the Mentor_License_Utility_LITE_INSTALL.exe to install. It also creates a shortcut**, and launches the Mentor License Utility program. (See README.txt for version information)


    * Download the "Full" version from SupportNet (includes an automated "Install License" program and other functions)

    ** A shortcut to the Mentor License Utility is created under Start > Programs > Mentor Graphics License Utility


    Sample screen-shot (click to view full size)