How to configure my Windows machine as the license server (video)

Version 10

    Manual steps:


    Refer to the following PDF for instructions:mgc_licen.pdf


    Automated steps:




    To run the Mentor License Utility to automate the installation:


    1. Download the "Full"  version of the Mentor License Utility from SupportNet
    2. Run the Mentor_License_Utility_INSTALL.exe which extracts all the program files, creates a shortcut*, and launches the Mentor License Utility program. (See README.txt for version information)
    3. Click the Install License button (bottom right corner)
    4. Select the Install a Nodelocked or Floating license to this machine option
    5. Follow the remaining prompts to complete the license installation


    * A shortcut to the Mentor License Utility is created under Start > Programs > Mentor Graphics License Utility


    Note: If licensing errors are encountered after running the Install License to set up the license manager: Run a diagnostic report from the Tools > Create Diagnostic Report > Standard menu option, and attach the resulting diag_file.txt to a new Service Request on SupportNet, to expedite the troubleshooting process.



    The Mentor License Utility automates the license server configuration tasks, including:


    • Separation of Nodelocked/Floating licenses by HostID (you don't need to separate license file manually)
    • Installation of hardware key drivers (if necessary)
    • Installation of PCLS / license server software (if necessary)
    • Creation of license manager (as a Windows/Lmtools service, and as "automatic")
    • Updating of existing license manager service with new licenses
    • Pointing clients to the server via port@host value
    • Setting the MGLS_LICENSE_FILE environment variable


    Note: The Mentor License Utility only supports licenses under the Mentor Graphics Vendor Daemon ("mgcld")