How and when to upgrade the license server for PADS Flow applications (video)

Version 12

    To determine whether an upgrade of the licensing software (lmgrd/mgcld) is required on the license server, refer to the table below.

    Note: The lmgrd and mgcld daemons are backwards compatible for PADS releases v2003 and newer; so you may run a newer version (for example: 11.10) to support older versions of PADS (for example: PADS2007).


    If you determine that an upgrade of the lmgrd and/or mgcld daemons is required, refer to the instructions further below.


    PADS ReleaseMinimum lmgrd/mgcld version required
    PADS VX.2.411.14.1
    PADS VX.2.311.13.1
    PADS VX.
    PADS VX.
    PADS VX.211.13.0
    PADS VX.1.211.10
    PADS VX.1.111.10
    PADS VX.111.10
    PADS VX.011.10
    PADS9.2 /
    PADS9.0 / 9.0.1 / 9.0.2 / 9.110.8
    PADS2005 SPac2 / SPac39.5
    PADS2005 SPac18.2
    PADS2004 SPac28.2
    PADS2004 SPac18.2



    Automated steps for upgrading the licensing software on the license server:


    Note:  These instructions assume the license server is a Windows computer and that the timing is appropriate to temporarily bring down the existing  license manager for Mentor Graphics (mgcld). The process is automated,  and while the lmgrd and mgcld daemons should be down no more than a few  seconds - and any checked out licenses should automatically reconnect - it is advisable to have all clients exit the PADS applications while the upgrade is performed.


    On the license server machine:








    1. Download the "Full" version of the Mentor License Utility from SupportNet
    2. Run the Mentor_License_Utility_INSTALL.exe which extracts all the program files, creates a shortcut*, and launches the Mentor License Utility program. (See README.txt for version information)
    3. Navigate to, and select, the Setup > Upgrade License Manager menu option
    4. Follow the remaining prompts to complete the license server upgrade


    * A shortcut to the Mentor License Utility is created under Start > Programs > Mentor Graphics License Utility




    Manual steps for upgrading the licensing software on the license server:


    Updating Your Licensing Manager (Server) on Windows (Video)