History of key licensing and installation changes/transitions in PADS

Version 12

    Note: With every major release of PADS the exact access version requirement changes. These changes are not reflected in the information below. For a mapping of PADS release to version date, refer to Which PADS Flow release am I entitled to use?



    • Windows 7 support added (32-bit and 64-bit)
    • Upgrade to FlexNet v11.6 required on the license server (for floating/network licenses)                                                


    PADS9.1 + Update 1
    • PADS Logic "Create PDF" option no longer requires the plogpdf  license (no license is required for this functionality).
    • PADS Logic can also be invoked with a viewdraw license (or any composite/suite license that contains this atomic license).


    • Introduced the PADS Layout "Create PDF" functionality (feature: pwrpdf)                   
    • PADS Logic license (viewdraw040) delivered as a composite license, in one of the following features, and also in any older PADS Logic composite/Suite license (Ex: padspel_c):    
      • dxdesigner040_c (DxDesigner 040)
      • padsls_c (PADS LS Suite)
      • padses_c (PADS ES Suite)
    • Above mentioned composite licenses include support for pre-9.0  versions of PADS Logic (but will NOT run pre-9.0 versions of  DxDesigner).                           


    • PADS Logic requires the viewdraw040 license (no longer runs with the plogshell license).
    • viewdraw040 license will run DxDesigner, but without support for concurrent design editing functionality                         
      • viewdraw license (or Suite license containing it) is required for concurrent design functionality in DxDesigner


    • Added support for Windows Vista, for all products
    • Added support for Windows Vista, but only for PADS Layout/Logic/Router
    • Support discontinued for Windows 2000
    • Introduced the SDD_USELOCALENV functionality, enabling non-Administrator users to run the Configurator to switch PADS Flow versions.                        
    • Upgrade to v10.8 required on the license server (for floating/network licenses)        


    PADS2005 SPac2
    • Introduced the PADS "Flow" installation (includes more products)
    • PADS Flow installation moves from InstallShield install to Mentor Install Program (MIP).   
      • Default (and recommended) installation location moved to C:\MentorGraphics
    • Delivers the Configurator for switching between different versions of the PADS Flow.
    • Environment variables are now written at the system/machine level not the user profile level.
    • Upgrade to FlexNet v9.5 required on the license server (for floating/network licenses)                                   


    PADS2005 SPac1
    • PADS Logic requires a plogshell license. The plogshell license  feature may show up in the license file, or it may be hidden in a  composite (a.k.a. "Suite") license, for example: padscrl_c


    PADS2004 SPac 1
    • PADS-Designer no longer delivered (for schematic capture)
    • DxDesigner is now delivered (for schematic capture)
    • Transitioned from the psidaemon license daemon to the mgcld (Mentor Graphics) license daemon.                                      
      • FlexNet v8.2 required for the license manager (for serving floating/network licenses)                                 
    • Support added for USB (FLEXID=9) hardware keys