PADS Install and Licensing

Version 8

    The following documents contain information, including videos, for installing and configuring licensing for PADS:

    PADS Installation:


    Learn more about important licensing changes in the PADS9.5 release:

    Important licensing changes in PADS9.5

    How to install the PADS Flow software?

    How to remove the PADS Flow software?


    Which PADS Flow release am I entitled to use?

    Best practices for a successful installation


    PADS installation and licensing transition info:

    History of key licensing and installation changes/transitions in PADS


    PADS Users:

    How to install a license for my machine or hardware key (Mobile Compute)

    How to consume licenses from a server

    Using the Mentor License Utility to query and edit the licensing environment


    License Server Administrators (if applicable):

    How to configure my Windows machine as the license server

    How and when to upgrade the license server for PADS Flow applications

    How to add additional licenses to the license file on the server


    Common PADS licensing problems:

    Warning message: "The following product options expire in fewer than 30 days"

    Generating a Run-time Diagnostic Report with the Mentor License Utility

    PADS consumes too many licenses

    PADS Suite license doesn’t work with older releases

    Mgls.dll crash when launching PADS applications (9.3.1 and older)

    Nodelocked USB license doesn’t work on XP Mode machine

    How to verify and install/fix hardware key driver problems with PADS