BSXE automation process and display silkscreen on live without need to close/reopen the tool.

Version 3

    v1.0 Mentor Graphics Finland, Timo Kyyronen, 18.01.2012

    Untar the attached file

    Place the script silkscreen.vbs and the SilkGenDlg.hkp file (see inside the vbs script for an example) to the /tmp/tky_silkscreen directory (or c:\tmp\tky_silkscreen on windows).

    Check and modify the silkscreen.vbs script.

    Open a BSXE design and "run /tmp/tky_silkscreen/silkscreen.vbs" from the command line.



    ! Warning ! Scripts Obtained through the Mentor Communities Site are not supported software. Use with caution. Backup your data before executing any such script.