How to get a mobile compute license for a USB key to run under "XP Mode" on Windows 7 (video)

Version 3

    Based on our initial testing a mobile compute license (also known as "nodelocked uncounted") for a USB key can work under "XP Mode" on a Windows 7 machine, but there are some key steps involved. See below for a demonstration and instructions.


    Please note:


    • This is not a supported configuration. If this method does not work you should consider moving to a physical XP machine or a floating/network license.









    • Once the XP Mode machine has opened:                     
      • Click to the USB menu at the top of the XP Mode window.
      • If you have the key plugged in to your physical Windows 7 machine, you should see the HASP HL 3.25  Attach option. Select this option which attaches the USB key into the virtual XP Mode machine         
        • Note: The USB key will no longer function on your physical Windows 7  machine, until which time you detach if from the XP Mode machine (also  from the USB menu)
      • Navigate to the Tools menu in the XP Mode machine.
      • Select the Disable Integration Features option         
        • Note: This option needs to be disabled each time you start your XP Mode machine.