Valor NPI : ODB Gateway EDA Input script

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This is a simple script that will execute an EDA Input on an ODB Gateway file.


The script should be placed in the path %VALOR_DIR%\sys\scripts.


It can be executed by doing the following, after starting Valor NPI:

  1) Access File->Script->Run from the Engineering Toolkit main menu.

  2) Navigate to the script (named "odb_gateway_input.txt" unless changed by the user) and then enter the values for the Input File Path, ODB++ Job Name and ODB++ Database filepath or name in the Parameters field, as shown below.

  3) You may then press Ok or Apply to execute the script.


Sample script parameters when running in DIRECT mode:



Sample script parameters when running in DATABASE mode:



The script content is as follows:

   set INPUT_FILE_PATH = "$1"
   set ODB_JOB_NAME = "$2"
   set ODB_DATABASE = "$3"

   COM create_entity,job=,is_fw=no,type=job,name=${ODB_JOB_NAME},db=${ODB_DATABASE},fw_type=form

   COM eda_translate,path=${INPUT_FILE_PATH},job=${ODB_JOB_NAME},step=,overwrite=merge,step_autodetection=no,\


Variable descriptions:

     The INPUT_FILE_PATH variable is the file path to the source ODB Gateway file.

     The ODB_JOB_NAME variable is the name of the ODB++ database that will created from the translation.

     The ODB_DATABASE variable depends upon the mode in which Valor NPI is invoked.

         If DIRECT mode, then it is the file path where the ODB++ database will be written. For example, "c:/tmp".

         If DATABASE mode, then it is the database handle name where the ODB++ database will be written. For example, "db".