Drawing Editor : Re-Seat Boards

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The VBScript ReSeatBoards.vbs re-establishes Board Instance Information in a Drawing by removing all Board Instances in every sheet of a drawing, removing the local PCB directory of each board (located in the drawing's "Designs" directory), and finally, placing all Board Instances back to their original sheet and locations and re-assigns their display schemes. This forces Drawing Editor to re-make its local versions of the source PCB Designs. This script is used to clear any number of anomolies affecting use of Board Instances in a drawing including PDF generator problems, layer stackup, migration and Re-Referencing problems. This will generate a logfile "ReSeatBoards.txt" to the drawing's Logfiles directory, hence viewable in Fileviewer.


NOTE: This does not Re-Seat Panels. Problems with Boards placed in Panels must be similarly fixed (Unplace all boards and re-place) in FablinkXE.


Version 2: Fixed bug regarding missing source board.

Version 3: Fixed bug related to board instances with no assigned scheme. Script will now do its own re-reference, prompting & checking the user for the current path to a board instance whose source pcb cannot be found. Previously asked the user to run Drawing Editor's Re-Reference utility which may not be possible. Added warning about Dimension Loss if drawing has dimensions.



Warning! Scripts obtained through TechNotes, the Mentor Communities Site, or any resource not the Mentor Graphics Installer, are not supported software. Use with caution. Backup your data before executing any such script.