PADS Suite Configuration functionality - known issues

Document created by andrew_audova on Mar 9, 2012
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Following is a list of known issues relating to the PADS Suite Configuration functionality (PADS9.4 introduces functionality to control PADS Suite license consumption)




DR 854844 - Unbundled (atomic) license is consumed even though the selected suite (composite) license is available.

For example: Site has unbundled (Kit) licenses - pwrshell + other pwr* features - on Server A, and a PADS ES and LS Suite over on Server B. Users point their MGLS_LICENSE_FILE to 1717@serverA;1717@serverB. No matter which suite license is selected from the "Suite Configuration" dialog box, PADS will always attempt to consume the unbundled licenses on ServerA first.



Change the order of the servers in the MGLS_LICENSE_FILE variable to 1717@serverB;1717@serverA. When users want the Suite licenses they select the appropriate one in the "Suite Configuration" dialog.

When the user wants to checkout only the unbundled (Kit) licenses, select the "Control suite selection and select from the following list:" checkbox, and then uncheck all of the suite licenses in the list.





Licensing error when controlling PADS suite license consumption using both the PADS Suite Configuration dialog technique and the older FlexNet Options file technique (Controlling license consumption in the PADS Flow using the FlexNet Options file)



Use only one method to control which licenses are  checked out. Combining methods will typically result in licensing errors as seen in Unexpected demo mode or MGLS EXCLUDE errors in the Installed Options and Suite Configuration dialogs





DR 851176 - Checkout ignores a selected DxD\viewdraw suite which is available, and instead consumes a viewdraw040 atomic license.



Use the VBScript technique from VBScript technique for controlling which floating license gets checked out. Make sure you add the suite licenses AND the "viewdraw" and "viewdraw040" licenses.





DR 848192 - Selections are ignored and are not saved, on Windows 7 with UAC turned on. Installation resides under  "C:\Program Files" or "C:\Program Files (x86)"



If you DO have administrator privileges: Invoke PADS applications right click on the shortcut and click "Run as administrator...".

If you do NOT have administrator privileges: Have your I.T./Help Desk install the Mentor Graphics software to the default c:\MentorGraphics location and open write permissions on the folder and all files/sub-folders (and also the "C:\PADS Projects" folder).