How to generate Dependency Walker log files for Customer Support

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Dependency Walker is a 3rd party freeware utility which identifies the DLLs that are used by an application (executable), and can be very useful in troubleshooting problems where an application behaves unpredictably and/or crashes.

Dependency Walker is downloaded from


  • See below for a demonstration on how to gather both a standard Dependency Walker log file for the executable exhibiting the problem, and also a "profiling" log file (identifies additional DLLs that are loaded dynamically by the executable at run-time).
  • Where possible attempt to gather both the standard and profiling log files for Customer Support, to increase their chances of successfully identifying the problem (if it is caused by a specific DLL).


Important Notes:

  • When submitting a Dependency Walker file to Customer Support, please include the following information:                                   
    • Operating System and Service Pack level. For example: Windows 7 SP1 (64-bit)
    • Version of Mentor Graphics software, including any applicable update(s)
    • Error messages and/or screen shots
  • When running Dependency Walker in profiling mode, it's not uncommon for  additional error messages to appear or for the application window not to appear. This is OK and in some cases  expected.
  • Some Mentor Graphics shortcuts resolve to a wrapper script or executable, which is not the main executable that runs the program and is failing. It's important to open the correct executable in order to get the best possible output for Customer Support to troubleshoot the problem.                                  
    • If Customer Support has not already advised on the exact executable to  open in Dependency Walker, you may use the table below to locate the  correct executable.



Program Name  
Default Executable Path
Expedition PCBC:\MentorGraphics\<version>\SDD_HOME\wg\win32\ExpeditionPCB.exe
PADS LayoutC:\MentorGraphics\<version>\SDD_HOME\Programs\powerpcb.exe
PADS LogicC:\MentorGraphics\<version>\SDD_HOME\Programs\powerlogic.exe














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