Licensing Help for Software Evaluations

Document created by guy_wettstein on May 11, 2012
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Most Mentor Graphics software evaluations on Windows use a 30-day "Mobile Compute" license locked to your physical Ethernet address. Products that use this type of license configuration include PADS ES Suite and LP Wizard among  others. If the license file you recieved contains a license similar to the following format (with a "0" in the sixth field), you have a Mobile Compute license:


INCREMENT padses_c mgcld 2012.060 20-jun-2012 0 5803F1652ED732F69572 \

    VENDOR_STRING=38061DE1 HOSTID=0024e8477136 SN=9898968 SIGN2="1F72 6B7A \

    C2FF 1777 8DBC B3FF 5C88 D64A B21A A4CB 3EA4 5C70 4D01 19AF 8187 0B56 \

    2C9C 3C5E BC59 F5EA BCDC 6FC0 642A 6E56 9FAC 42A6 FABE 5FCC 39E7 C1CC"



This is the simplest form of Mentor licensing and requires very little configuration. We have a video example of the procedure for Installing a Mobile Compute License (video) that demonstrates how to configure this evaluation license environment.



If your evaluation license file contains SERVER and DAEMON lines, you'll need to start a license server or add the INCREMENT lines to your server's existing license file. Information that will help you with this configuration can be found in the following community docs:


Downloading and Installing the Mentor Licensing Software (video)


Configuring a Mentor Graphics License Server on Windows


How to add additional licenses to the license file on the server (video)