Expedition PCB: DXDesigner Part Lister Compare

Document created by al_layson on Jun 19, 2012
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PLCompare.vbs (Executed in Expedition) will compare a PartLister .txt output to an Expedition Design. This script requires you to modify the column start/stop locations for QTY, PN (Partnumber), and REF (RefDes) at the top of the script, as shown below - where green is start and red is stop:


'modify these to match start & end columns of the qty, PartNumber and comprefdes fields in the file

Dim QTY: QTY=Array(4,8)

Dim PN: PN=Array(10,22)

Dim REF: REF=Array(24,38)


This will generate a PLCompare.txt file to the pcb\LogFiles folder, making it accessible to FileViewer.



Warning! Scripts obtained through TechNotes, the Mentor Communities Site, or any resource not the Mentor Graphics Installer, are not supported software. Use with caution. Backup your data before executing any such script.