DESIGNrev scripts, a few basic templates

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Wondering how to use DESIGNrev Tcl commands with scripts in batch mode?


Here are some very simple templates you can use to get started.



For command-line execution with user input:



# user input from command line

if {$argc != 1} {

  puts "Error: wrong # of arguments"



set input [lindex $argv 0]

set L [layout create $input]

#add Tcl code here



Save as a .tcl file and execute with:


$MGC_HOME/bin/calibredrv <filename>.tcl  <layout_filename>





For command-line execution with layout name hard-coded into the tcl script:



# Use if layout name is known

set L [layout create lab2.gds]

#add tcl code here



Save to a file and execute in batch mode from the command line in a terminal window with:


$MGC_HOME/bin/calibredrv <filename.tcl>


Or, if DESIGNrev is currently running, execute from the DESIGNrev Tcl shell as:


% source <filename.tcl>




For Tcl shell execution if layout is currently open in DESIGNrev:



#Use if layout is currently open in DESIGNrev

set cwb [find object -class cwbWorkBench]

set L [$cwb cget -_layout]

#add tcl code here



Save to a file with the .tcl extension and execute from DESIGNrev Tcl shell as:


% source <filename.tcl>




For more details and examples see the Calibre DESIGNrev Reference Manual.


For downloadable examples of DESIGNrev Tcl go to Supportnet, select the Downloads tab and select "Calibre_Utilities,Examples,Scripts_and_Interface_Software" under Related Downloads.


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