Are path edges or path centerlines checked by FLAG OFFGRID?

Document created by chris_balcom on Jun 26, 2012
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Does FLAG OFFGRID check path data as well as polygon data? Is it the path edges or path path centerlines that would matter? Here's the explanation:


During the early input stages of the Calibre job, the layout database paths are first turned into boundary shapes. Once that happens, the edges are checked by DRAWN OFFGRID, OFFGRID, and most other operations you might use for the layout data. The path centerlines are not checked for off-grid or skew. By the time those checks are performed, the paths have already been flattened into shapes by Calibre.


Notable exceptions to this concept are LAYOUT INPUT EXCEPTION SEVERITY options for PATH_ACUTE, PATH_ANGLED (and pretty much all the other PATH_xxx options to LAYOUT INPUT EXCEPTION SEVERITY)



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