WARNING: Layer contains unmapped objects and is the target layer of LAYER MAP DATATYPE   (what does this mean?)

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This warning message means that data exists on a certain layer and other data is being mapped to that same layer. For some users, this would result in an undesirable combination of data and so a warning is issued.


To avoid triggering the warning, the target layer of the LAYER MAP statements should be a layer that does not contain data in the input database to begin with.


If you prefer to suppress this warning, or if you wish to have situations such as this to be reported as serious errors, use the LAYOUT INPUT EXCEPTION SEVERITY statement in your SVRF rulefile with the desired options. For example:




There are three options for this statement, the example above is shown using "1" but any of the following could have been used:

   0 suppresses the warning;

   1 upgrades it to an error and the job stops;

   2 reports a warning but the run continues.


This kind of situation can be difficult to deal with in some cases. If you encounter a tricky situation along these lines and want to discuss it here in the communities feel free to leave a comment and we should be able to discuss it further.



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