Get report of connected pin types for the selected net. Originally created for DRC-501, global net connected to output pins.

Version 1


        'Warning! This is an unsupported script and should be used with caution.

        'Originally done to find pins connected to global net reported by DRC-501.But works generally as well.

        'Does not work in case something else but pin is connected to net (bus etc.)


        'v1.0 Mentor Graphics Finland, Timo Kyyronen, 16.07.2012

        ''Place this script for example into C:\tmp\tky_pin_types.vbs

        'Select net

        'In DxD command line type

        'run C:\tmp\tky_pin_types.vbs


    Generates an excel report containg the following info. PinType helps to find the wanted pin causing the error to happen.


    1 Error(s)

    GROUP: Power&Ground

    drc-501 - [schematic: D_2_A.1, net: D_2_A\PWR] Global net connected to output pins