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New Version 2: Fixed a problem creating output filename paths


The DXFCellDump.vbs script will Open Cells in the specified library and execute the File > Export > DXF command, exporting all items in the cell currently supported by the DXF Exporter (EE7.9.3). It will generate a DXFCellDump.txt file to the Library's LogFiles directory which is accessible by the the Library Manager's FileViewer, This script utilizes the "Batch Cell Library Editor" template (7.9.1) available on this site ( You can customize this script by:


1) Define a set number of cells to act on for debug purposes by modifying the "Const DBUG" line at the top of the script - currently set to 10 for your protection. Set to 0 when ready to act on all.

          Const DBUG=10

2) Modify the PartitionFilter Function (at the top of the script) to limit the Partitions to act on by returning false. Example below.

          Function myPartitionFilter(oPartition)


                    'do not do the "smd_connectors" partition

                    if"smd_connectors" then myPartitionFilter=False

          End Function

3) Modify the CellFilter function (at the top of the script) to limit the Cells to act on by returning false. Example below

          Function myCellFilter(oCell)


                    'do not process cells beginning with "IPC2"

                    if InStr(1,,"IPC2",vbTextCompare) then myCellFilter=False

          End Function


The DXF files will be written to the Library's Work\CellEditorFiles\*\Output\DXF folder, where * = partition name.


The script can be executed from the Library Manager's IDE (File > Open Script Form), or from a windows command prompt:

     mgcscript C:\VBScripts\DXF\DXFCellDump.vbs C:\Designs\DxDFlatCESMatch\Library\Library.lmc