How to save the transcript to a file name that includes Layout Primary cell name.

Version 1

    Calibre Interactive can get the transcript named as <Primary cell>.log by using the triggers available. Here is a small post-execution trigger that changes transcript file name from drc.log to <Layout Primary cell name>.log.


    Launch Calibre Interactive DRC.
    Set the transcript to a standard name, here drc.log is used:
         With Transcript > Echo to file
              set "Echo to transcript file" on
              set Path field
              set "Replace File" on


         Use the Post-execution trigger to change drc.log to <Layout Primary cell>.log:
              With Setup > Preferences > Triggers
                   set Calibre Post-Execution Trigger to
                        mv drc.log %L.log


         Save the runset.


         The runset you just saved should now include these lines:

              *cmnPostTrigger: mv drc.log %L.log
              *cmnTranscriptFile: drc.log
              *cmnTranscriptEchoToFile: 1