Important licensing changes in PADS9.5

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The PADS9.5 release delivers and is built with newer licensing, based on FlexNet 11.10. Please read the important details below to determine if any action is required of you before installing PADS9.5.



  • Dongles discontinued in PADS9.5
  • Which hardware keys does PADS support?
  • PADS9.5 requires upgraded licensing on the license server (FlexNet 11.10)
  • New licensing software in PADS9.5
  • PADS licensing changes



1. Upgraded licensing software (FlexNet 11.10)


If you are running the PADS Flow software with network/floating licenses, the license server must be upgraded to the 11.10 version of the Lmgrd  and Mgcld daemons. Users with nodelocked uncounted/mobile  compute licenses are not affected by this change.


Refer to TechNote MG55496 for details on the upgrade.




2. Dongle discontinuations


FlexNet 11.10 discontinues support for a number of parallel port hardware keys. Check the list below to see if you need to upgrade to a USB hardware key.


CPLUS and Pink parallel port keys:


PADS9.5 applications will NOT function with CPLUS or Pink (SSI) hardware keys, regardless of operating system. Refer to TechNote MG577871 for details on how to upgrade to a USB (Aladdin) key.




Sentinel (FLEXID=6- and 7-) parallel port keys:


Whether or not a Sentinel 6- or 7- key will work depends on the operating system. Refer to the Dongle Discontinuation FAQ for more details. To upgrade to a USB (Aladdin) key refer to TechNote MG577871.




Aladdin USB keys:


No action is required. The Aladdin USB hardware key will continue to  run the PADS Flow software, and is the default and recommended hardware  key.



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